Top 26 Wedding Sites to Woo Would be Couples

Wedding is the way of bonding a couple together and wedding websites inspire people to set for this bondage in a substantial way. In the era of internet, the weddings are made more contented by providing suitable services through these websites. It demands a lot of time management and can create severe headache to those who are getting married or who are planning the program. But the wedding website inspiration can really be motivating for them as the websites help a lot to plan and manage almost everything associated with marriage.

The wedding website inspires not only the would-be couples but also wedding planners, wedding photographers, wardrobe and gown designers, flower shops, reception hall owners, wedding car rentals, and else who are somehow attached to the ceremony. Most of these wedding website inspirations deal with every significant aspect of wedding.

1. Huffington Post


Wedding websites have become a common trend among bridal couples and Huffington Post is the true choice for them as it provides amazing wedding websites suggestion to them. On the other hand, this post supplies all the current and fresh wedding websites list which can easily hit all of your expectations that you’ve been waiting for long to fulfill them.

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2. Google Wedding


Marriage is a traditional ceremony but this website will give you an opportunity to turn this traditional thing into technically digital. You can spread out the news of your heavenly love through the free group video calls on Google Hangouts up to 10 people at the same time. You can find your appropriate venue by just clicking the name on the search bar of Googlemap, you can send the invitation by via mail. Here you can also use and customize your event page by using your own photo. You can also share your photos on google+ and make this grand ceremony memorable forever.


3. Guesterly


It’s a great wedding website with great features. The website will give a new meaning to marriage ceremony. They can make your once-in-a-life time moment more memorable and more special by the easiest and simplest way. For your style, they have their own designer including hundreds of style and color combinations. They also provide creative guest list with their photos and fun fact.

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4. Square Space


Square Space is another fascinating wedding website. This site preludes an opportunity to share their story, photos and vedios to others through their beautifully designed and mobile-friendly website. You can create customized cash gift registry. Squarespace also serves a free custom domain name so you can easily personalize your wedding website.

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5. Pretty Pear Bride


Are you overweighed? Facing the complex of being fat?  Those of you who think that you are way too fat to get dressed as a bride this site is your perfect solution. This is a plus size bridal magazine, from which you can have various ideas and knowledge about dress design, planning, and managing other necessary stuffs for a bride who is over weighed.

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6. Wedding-spot


As the name suggests, the site is all about finding the perfect spot/venue for your wedding ceremony. Through this website you can easily search a suitable venue according to your budget and choice. You will also find some exclusive discounts here.

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7. Style Me Pretty


In this site, the weddings are categorized by style from which you can freely choose in which style you want to get married. Style Me Pretty is simply an online magazine specially designed for wedding. This Little Black Book is a collection of various wedding service providers. You will get the idea of the designs of dresses, accessories, and other stuffs from this site.

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8. Brideside


Brideside is an extraordinary online shop for many types of bridal clothes and accessories. You can easily browse the collection of this site and buy at a reasonable price. You can do easy ordering having great customer service. The fit and styling guidance will help you look and feel great.

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9. Bevmo Weddings


This website provides with beverage services to the wedding ceremony. You just have to plan the party and let the team of Bevmo Weddings arrange the best beverages for your extraordinary day.

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10. Nearly Newlywed


There are two ways to buy your dresses from this online shop. Either you can choose from the Collections or from the Marketplace. You can have your dresses delivered at home, you can also have 5 days to try it on, and if it doesn’t go with you, feel free return it.

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11. Stag Source


Stag Source is website that works for planning you wedding, bachelor party, and honeymoon. Taking the help of this site you can lose you headache of planning and arranging all these crucial events.


12. The Bach


Bachelorette Parties are very common and exciting parts of weddings. Before the big-day, most of the brides want to raise a bachelorette bash with their friends. The Bach is a site that takes good care of these parties by planning it and providing with extraordinary ideas of Bachelorette Parties.

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13. Happily Ever Borrowed


If you want to rent the bridal accessories for the wedding day, this website will definitely help. Headbands, tiaras, jewelry, veils, headpieces and everything else are all available here with excellent variations. In Happily Ever Borrowed you can check all those stuffs out.

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14. Hitch Switch


You can take the fuss out of your name change with the single page application of Hitch Switch. This website is an easy solution to you confusion.

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15. Brides


Brides is basically a website of wedding magazine where you will have various ideas about the matters related to the wedding. You can get ideas and samples of rings, dresses, planning, budgets, etc. for the wedding from this site. Brides also provides with beauty tips, advices, photos, blogs, etc. for your kind benefit.

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16. The Knot


The site is too an online magazine for wedding, and you can also shop wedding accessories online from The Knot. You can have massive ideas about wedding shoes, cards, cakes, cake accessories, rings, flowers, venues, vendors, decors, hairstyle, etc. including the general wedding ideas.

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17. The Stylish Dresser


Selecting dress for your wedding day is a matter of huge distress. The Stylish Dresser pacifies you by taking the responsibility of selecting the most suitable and stylish dress for your wedding day. This site renders great service with quality designs and arrangements by their creative and hardworking crew.

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18. Carats and Cake


Carats and Cake is a website that is concerned with demonstrating the popular weddings, local vendors and wedding inspirations. You can find the details of many modern and over-the-top weddings in this site. You can comfortably find the best photographer, venue, catering, hair and makeup, planner, videographer, jewelry, stationary, music, etc.

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19. Four Seasons


Four Seasons is a very helpful online wedding magazine decorated with the photos and details about real weddings, wedding ideas, and wedding venues. The magazine can guide you to organize a satisfactory wedding ceremony.

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20. Nordstrom


This wedding website is a massive collection of accessories, dresses, beauty tips, and all other things related to wedding. You will find various categories like men, women, juniors, kids, etc. to explore stuffs for wedding ceremony.  The specialty of Nordstrom is that it contains a huge variations of items for your enormous knowledge about wedding.

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21. Gartner Studios


The website renders services for different occasions but wedding is a major one among them. You can personalize your wedding invitations, wedding response cards, and wedding envelops. For these you can also choose different styles and colors according to your personal wish.

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22. Guest Shots


Guest Shots gathers your every wedding moment. Through this website you can easily collect unlimited full-resolution photos and videos from everyone who attended the functions of wedding. Guest Shots can be the ultimate wedding album and you can transfer everything in it and share online forever.

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23. The Bridal Circle


The website is your guidebook for wedding where the mentors and wedding blogs will provide with great knowledge about your wedding. Here you can find about the community, join the circle and have a great service.

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24. Weddington Way


Besides the bride, wedding is significantly a ceremony for the bridesmaid where they can dress themselves in an elegant way.  Weddington Way is a bang-up stock of dresses specifically designed for the bridesmaid. Here you can shop the dresses either by color or by popular styles. You can easily give order, get advice, and shop from this bridesmaid’s website.

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25. The Man Registry


The wedding website is specially designed for the grooms.  Here in Groom 101, you will find many articles on checklists and tips that you’ll require to plan the big day. There are so many gifts gathered in The Man Registry that you can shop for the wedding. Here, you will also find the helpful vendors.

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26. Weduary


Through this wedding website you can make your own wedding website. This could be your social site as your guests will be able to meet each other, share common interests and stories here. In Weduary, you can have gorgeous themes which are easily customizable.

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