1&1, the Leading Web Hosting Company Offers Innovative and Affordable Solutions

Internet and its spread around the world has made the web world as important as the real world. 1&1 which started as a ground breaking marketing company developed into a group of internet companies. It consolidated its position by buying and acquiring respected companies who were internet providers. It not only gave them newer skills and technologies but scale that allowed them to offer newer innovative products at competitive prices. 1&1 is considered to be the pioneer in the site hosting industry. The dynamic leadership of the company was able to leverage the first mover advantage to become the dominant player in the rapidly growing industry. They are always striving to bring innovative products to the market at competitive prices to consolidate their position.


1&1 has a global presence and a loyal customer base of 13.45 satisfies customers. A growing market has allowed the company also to grow rapidly and remain financially stable and profitable. The company has become a preferred choice for its clients because it has evolved as a complete service provider. They have a suitable solution for any of your requirements in the web world. They have been able to retain most of their clients because apart from world class service they are able to create effective solutions within your budget. It has been the company’s stated mission to provide an optimal Internet presence for private users by providing a range of web solutions at affordable prices.

The range of solutions offered by 1&1 includes convenient domain packages and feature-rich web hosting plans. For their commercial clients they offer virtual private servers and powerful dedicated servers. They have expanded their web services by launching a new product called MyWebsite which is aimed at small and medium businesses. It enables the customer to design and execute a professional website without any experience in web development. The private customers are attracted to 1&1 because they get quality service at affordable prices. The commercial clients opt for their service as 1&1 is able to provide better value for their money. Their pricing is very transparent as there are no pricing gimmicks or hidden costs. 1&1 can easily be credited for bringing more people to the web world.