26 Outstanding Corporate Logos For Strong Visual Identities

Corporate logos are indispensable in today’s world; from individuals to small companies to large-scale organizations, logos are a vital factor in building brands. Whether they are simple, elaborate, colourful or monochromatic, each logo design acts as a crucial visual identity for businesses. A successful

56 Artworks from Ben Heine, a Visual Artist

Ben Heine is a visual artist. His love for creative art and graphic art is well depicted through his original series of innovative concepts i.e. “Pencil Vs Camera”, “Digital Circlism” and “Flesh and Acrylic.” He is self taught in Drawing and Photography. Based out

Aha People: Kai Lim, Artist, Deviant Art

Star Wars art is a growing fad. Numerous artists have listed Star Wars paintings, posters, illustrations and concept art to their portfolios. And Kai Lim is no different. His connection with video games is eternal and it has worked as a sole factor in

Aha People: Jay Patel, The Landscape Photographer

Jay Patel is a veteran in landscape photography. He needs no formal introduction. His works speaks for himself. His journey started in his childhood days when he happened to travel around Indian subcontinent. He got so engrossed with the nature’s majesty that its grandness